Sunday, June 16, 2013

SL10b- Second Life Celebrates 10th Birthday

Well, put this one into the category of "the more things change, the more they stay the same!"

I logged on this morning excited to attend events around the 10th birthday of SL. I haven't been around Second Life all that long, but I've been blessed to meet a lot of the important people in SL, at least those on the social side,  and was looking forward to seeing what the SL10b would choose to hold up for celebration.

Typical of my lack of organization, I was way too early. The SLebration didn't start until 12 noon SL time, hours away, and I had crap to do. I left Carol with my friend Johny (you'll read about their adventures tomorrow) and logged. When I returned, my lovely virtual wife had had a full and lovely day with Johny, but was still game for more Second Life hijinks so we went to experience SL10b.

First thing through the door, two or three enthusiastic greeters welcomed us. We were there perhaps a half hour after it opened, and the mini map was telling me that there were many many avatars scattered around. It was great because it wasn't a clump of avatars as you get with a club, but a birdshot shotgun blast of them.

A kiosk near our landing spot promised us a limited edition Linden Bear and limited edition SL Varsity Jackets, but it didn't seem to actually work. Used to disappointment with mass event vendors and freebies, we turned out attention to guided pod rides. They worked, and soon we were on our way to a a guided tour of the SL10b builds.

We rode the pod a pretty good distance and got a nice tour and then something borked and I ended up at the bottom of the sea, but Carol was still going, then I ended up crashing and then she ended up ditching the pod to find me, and we both ended up crashing again. While at the bottom of the sea, it appeared that she was there with me and I got a nice picture at least.

Well, we both logged in again and explored a little bit. My wife is a resident of Minna, one of the earliest sims, and we visited the fantastic display built to recreate "mini-Minna," but our next attempt at exploring ended up with us both frozen in a perma-walk, you know, where you can't stop walking or flying or whatever, followed by a crash.

We decided we'd try SL10b later, when it's less busy, and went dancing instead. We went to Dance Island, where an employee named LadyMystica Wilkinson called me out in public for being naked, when in fact my clothes simply hadn't rezzed. 

This is the open chat. It is completely unedited except for the following:

I've bolded the parts that are relevant.
I've exchanged the f-word with the word UNEDUCATED

[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: erm
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: timothy?
[14:24] تรձηđяձت:                          ㋡(`'•.¸(`'•.¸*¸.•'´)¸.•'´)㋡
[14:24] تรձηđяձت:                            ㋡(¸.•'´(¸.•'´*`'•.¸)`'•.¸)㋡
[14:24] تรձηđяձت: ☻✶♡ღ♬♪☻Ⓜ.ⓐ.Ⓚ.ⓔ   Ⓢ.ⓞ.Ⓜ. E   N.O.I.S.E ☻✶♡ღ♬♪ 
[14:24] Kardargo Adamczyk: needed to login slgrid on me phone..:)
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: pls wear clothes
[14:24] ManxTT Mills:  Be Right Back!! ツ
[14:24] تรձηđяձت:                                                             ♪.♬. ♪
[14:24] تรձηđяձت: ★\ ۞/ ★ Tρ уσυг Sєxу Fгιєηɖѕ Iη。。 Dσηт Lєт тнєм Μιѕѕ тнє Pαгту!  ★\ ۞/★
[14:24] تรձηđяձت:                                                             ♪.♬. ♪
[14:24] Ɗل ƊãՐԌØ: ~*Hurry  back~*
[14:24] Money Wonder: ★ﺴ♥ﺴ★ CHLOE★ﺴ♥ﺴ★
[14:24] Money Wonder: ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Kussies❤❤❤❤❤❤ 
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: •✖•【 Huггץ Thε Bℓøøɖץ UNEDUCATED ßαck 】•✖•
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: manx
[14:24] darwin Heir: wŎŎŎhŏŏŏŏ
[14:24] darwin Heir: wŎŎŎhŏŏŏŏ
[14:24] darwin Heir: wŎŎŎhŏŏŏŏ
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: ☆☆☆ "no nudity on the dancefloor, sex area is another world" ☆☆☆
[14:25] تรձηđяձت: yããããhŏŏŏŏ
[14:25] HONEYPOT: "Abso-UNEDUCATED-lutely!!"
[14:25] DJ Tipjar new pyramide: Thank you for you gorgeous TIP  Deirdre Masala
[14:25] Dance Island HOST  TIPJAR ::: Thank you for the donation, Deirdre Masala!
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson: ok now its rezzed :)
[14:25] تรձηđяձت: ฬ๏๏๏๏๏๏๏๏๏๏◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈
[14:25] Dance Island HOST  TIPJAR ::: Thank you for the donation, Deirdre Masala!
[14:25] busybee Bubble: shuts eyes.....
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Kissessss!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson: aww deir
[14:25] Zera Karillion ejected you from this land.
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson: \o/
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson:   || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson:  / \
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. ::: Timothy Morpork
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       ,.-~*''     72! LIVE DJ's  & Live music  ''*~-., 
[14:25] ManxTT Resident: ☆*¨¨*:• I'm Back! What'd I Miss?? •:*¨¨*☆
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       We give you a Landmark, so you can find us easy the next time.
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       Have a nice time @ Dance Island

An edited version, taking out all the noise.

[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: erm
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: timothy?
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: pls wear clothes
[14:24] LadyMystica Wilkinson: ☆☆☆ "no nudity on the dancefloor, sex area is another world" ☆☆☆
[14:25] LadyMystica Wilkinson: ok now its rezzed :)
[14:25] Zera Karillion ejected you from this land.
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. ::: Timothy Morpork
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       ,.-~*''     72! LIVE DJ's  & Live music  ''*~-., 
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       We give you a Landmark, so you can find us easy the next time.
[14:25] Welcome @ Dance Island. :::       Have a nice time @ Dance Island

In a nutshell, I arrived at the club and before the automated greeter could even say hello I was told I was naked, told I was clothed, ejected and then greeted.

I went back into the club to pick up Carol, who ignores local chat and had no idea where I was, and was then accosted by a second Dance Island employee. This one at least had the class to do it via IM.

[14:30] Danceisland Absent: put some clothes on
[14:30] Danceisland Absent: now
[14:30] Danceisland Absent: were not a sex club
[14:30] Timothy Morpork: I have clothes on
[14:31] Danceisland Absent: yu look naked
[14:31] Timothy Morpork: get a faster internet
[14:31] Danceisland Absent: als to a colleague
[14:31] Timothy Morpork: it's we're by the way
[14:32] Timothy Morpork: and I'll expect an apology when my clothes rez
[14:33] [drops picture of nude me on me]
[14:33] Danceisland Absent: you look like this
[14:33] Danceisland Absent: for quite a while now
[14:33] Danceisland Absent: do textrue refres
[14:33] Timothy Morpork: check my profile feed
[14:34] Danceisland Absent: or I have to send you to the changing room
[14:34] Danceisland Absent: sorry
[14:34] Danceisland Absent: club rules
[14:36] Danceisland Absent: happy partying
[14:36] Danceisland Absent: ah at last
[14:37] Timothy Morpork: waiting on that apology. One of your people blasted me into space and another ridiculed me in local.
[14:40] Drag items from inventory here
[14:40] Inventory item offered
[14:40] secondlife:///app/agent/e011144b-f8b8-4e47-863a-aa01a58f44af/completename: Dance Island (danceisland.absent) received your inventory offer.
[14:41] Timothy Morpork: check the time stamp, same time as the one you took-ish, clothes
[14:42] Timothy Morpork: I would like an apology from Lady Whatever her name is for public ridicule of a patron, and/or the name of the owner
[14:42] Timothy Morpork: ladymystica wikinson
[14:45] Danceisland Absent: look hun - as I told you I asked one of my colleagues to make sure it sant my own pc doing tricks on me. I wasn't alone in seeing you naked. if someone of club security asks you to put on clothes it's not a joke - and a texture refresh might help you out. Also I see you ok now . So as I said happy partying. I don't think I owe you an apology - I'm stifctly enforcing clubrules - i.e. no nudity. And I gave you time.
[14:45] Timothy Morpork: and my clothes rezzed in time didn't they
[14:48] Danceisland Absent: if I would have used the official count down of 30 seconds - no. it took  about 5 minutes
[14:48] Timothy Morpork: what's the name of the owner please
[14:49] Danceisland Absent: but you didn't seem to be a griefer so I didn't force my point
[14:49] Danceisland Absent: bye
[14:49] Timothy Morpork: In fact I'm a blogger
[14:49] Timothy Morpork: this will be a great article, thank you
[14:49] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

At 14:33, when I'd said "Check my profile feed" I was referring to a picture I took of myself, wearing jeans to prove I was clothed. I also dropped a picture of myself dressed on her at 14:40, it would have been earlier if I'd figured out how picture sharing works with people who aren't your friends (ie: it wasn't letting me drop the picture on her profile feed).

Here's the picture I dropped on them:

 And here's a picture from a couple minutes later when Carol found me:

I'm posting them to show I was wearing pants and also to show you what the club looks like, because at the same exact time, this lady was walking around. I have inserted censor bars and cropped the following two pics but they are otherwise untouched.

I do not believe this lady was trying to walk around naked. Clearly there was something going on with this region and with SL. I had been ejected from the club BEFORE THE GREETER WAS ABLE TO GREET ME and I give this lady the same benefit of the doubt. This lady disappeared quickly, whether by her own hand or by Dance Island employees I don't know or care. All I know or care about is that I never got an apology, just a public shaming from LadyMystica Wilkinson, and that this whole thing took time away from time I could have been spending with Carol.

This is a complicated issue, don't get me wrong and I know it's probably as much a fault of some slow connection on my end as it is on this club. But seriously, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Second Life, wouldn't you think that either the technology or staffing is savvy enough to be able to deal with a wardrobe malfunction?

Here are some more excerpts from the Open Chat that don't relate to me, (well, I guess one of them does). For the sake of a G rating I'm replacing the word a** with Bologna.

[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Jessie's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks meilutee's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks m̲̲āt̲̲ēō's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks تรձηđяձت's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks ⒷⓇⒾ's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks xravenfrostx's bologna
[14:37] Ouch!! تรձηđяձت spanks back LadyMystica's bologna twice!!
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Miss's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks darwin's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Jolizi's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks ManxTT's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks cutekit's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks ÐJVoyAgEⓇ's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Ɗل's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks ɱυԲԲע's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Carol's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Chrys's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks HONEYPOT's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Deirdre's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks cяıƨтıαпσ's bologna
[14:37] .: LadyMystica spanks Timothy's bologna
[14:37] LadyMystica Eebus: waake up!

She seemed quite determined to get me, with the unrezzed pants out of her club ten minutes earlier!

I had never been to this club before (it was on the "Destination Guide" on the bottom of everyone's SL browser, along with another club that Carol and I had just gone to with no dress code problems other than they played music that was not for us). Rest assured I will never go again unless I hear from the ownership and the parties involved with a FULL slate of apologies, but that's not my bigger point. 

This is the tenth anniversary of Second Life. Looking for something to do my wife and I went to the 10th anniversary and crashed repeatedly. Then, going through clubs on the "recommended" list ended up shamed and harassed for wardrobe malfunctions not of our making. We ended up at home, dancing by ourselves. Is this the future of Virtual Worlds?

Linden Labs; we happen to like dancing by ourselves, how many others will? 


  1. Well things like this happen. Welcome to the world of sl, where you will see people running alpha naked because the mesh doesn't load, people that looking ruthed because they crashed although they see themselfs normal. You just have to keep in mind, rules are rules and people that work there are applying the rules if you like it or not. Same goes in rl, you might not be drunk but if the person at the door has the impression you are drunk they will not let you in, no matter how hard you claim to be sober.
    You have to keep in mind, not everyone sees the same and on your screen you might be dressed, but that doesn't mean that others see you rezzed. An appology from the employees is not necessary, they did there job. The other person even told you, that you had to refresh your textures... and it helped and said you are welcome to party. So ... instead of making a drama, enjoy the world of SL where, lag and rezzing problems are an everyday thing. Its not the people's fault that the servers are not capable to rezz more then 30 people right. Learn to deal with the positive and negative effects of sl and your life will be so much better.

    Hugs and kisses

  2. Ok, it's a known fact that SL doesn't load properly at all times. We ALL have rezzing, ruthing issues and alpha issues, I've been ejected from places because my clothing wasn't rezzed properly. Once you IM staff and the support the cause of ejection you need to take into consideration that not every ones screen is current. This is a play due to the computers processor (Not everyone is going to run out buy a new one to appease you so don't suggest it, the speed of the machines processor will take an effect on how textures, alphas etc will load. You also have to stop and realize if you have 50 avatars in a club and there are scripts on the avatars as well as in the club you will have the famous word every one loves "Lag"....Instead of whining about what you say and what others seen stop and think that you know maybe it wasn't rezzing properly and that I could have shown naked to others, it's a part of SL so my suggestion is.....Suck it up sunshine your not the only one it's happened to and you surely wont be the last. It would suggest you have some motive to be a drama queen and well take it else where rules are rules...If your naked then try to go away on your own, clear your cache, relog, text refresh rebake try to correct the issue even do a charater test and noob out and then recreate your updated avatar. Stop blaming others for normal SL crap.