Monday, June 17, 2013

The Great Scavenger Hunt

So, I logged on yesterday morning and an old friend of mine IM'd and he and Carol and I hung out a while. Eventually, I had to go do some Real Life stuff, and said as much. Carol and my friend, Johny, had hit it off and before I knew it they were making plans to go do the Second Life Tenth Birthday Premium Gift Hunt together.

When I got back, at least Carol had the courtesy to use words like "nice" and "gentleman" before she got to "hunk" to describe my friend!

As part of the deal of "approving" this date of theirs, they both had to take lots of pictures and post them to their Flickr for me to steal from for the blogs. I did this because I know that they both have gorgeous avatars and are both talented SL Photographers, so I'd get good stuff to post here. In fact, I liberated two pictures of Johny and posted them to our Beautiful Avatars blog yesterday!

I just wasn't prepared for what a good time they'd have, and how great the pictures would be!

So, Johny's first few pictures were of some of the amazing builds that people have made in Second Life. I haven't done the Premium Hunt yet but I'm sure it's spectacular. After a few pictures, however, the scenery is mostly my wife. I can't blame him, she's wonderful to look at! 

Here they are at one of the hunt locations. I hope that I look at her as attentively as he is! Apparently there is a Steampunk style monocle that you wear for the hunt, you'll see it on both of them for the remainder of the pictures, in case you're wondering what that thing on their faces is.

This is one of my favorite from the day because despite the fact that the water is not actually wet in Second Life, they both stripped down to swimsuits for one of the hunt locations!

In Johny's pictures, after like picture 15, this would be considered a "scenery" shot because Johny isn't in it. It's just Carol, holding a jar of hearts! At least she's not still in her bikini, and hopefully the hearts aren't horse hearts she has to eat. (Yes, obligatory Game of Thrones reference).

As if it's not bad enough that one of my best friends and my wife are running around the grid in skimpy swimsuits, during the course of the day they actually ran into a SLebrity. (That's a Second Life Celebrity for those of you new to this culture) On the right you see the very famous and mega-talented Prokofy Neva, famous blogger for my old rag, the Alphaville Herald, and now with his own successful blog, Second Thoughts. To make matters worse (for me, better for Johny), Prok even posted two pictures of himself with Johny! (one, two) It's like giving your best friend your seats to the baseball game and he catches a game-winning home-run ball!

I have no words for this picture. It's my wife and best friend with fish sucking on their heads standing in a green field. Somewhere, there's a search engine sighing in relief that a picture of that has finally been posted.

So, Johny took more pictures, perhaps I'll post them in the days and weeks to come, but first, let's look at Carol's pics:

I asked her why she had a picture of Johny in a boat all by himself. She said "Because of the monkeys!" and if you look, you can see monkeys in the trees above to the right. Well played, Mrs. Morpork.

This was the next picture, and I asked her why she had a picture of Johny alone in the boat and she said "Because he's hunky!" and all I could do was laugh.

All jokes aside, I love them both and thank them for sharing their pictures with us. One last pic from Carol.

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