Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Sisters Hit the Beach for Bikini Season

As I explained on my other blog, my wife's sister Debbie, who apparently has been enjoying her run as the center of attention, decided that she should continue to be the center of attention, and when I featured some pictures of my wife's friend Brandie, I promptly heard from Debbie who suggested we go shoot some pictures of her in a bikini. I am always game for this, so my wife packed a picnic basket and a few tricks up her own sleeve and the three of us hit the beach. (I posted a video of the two of them windsurfing yesterday).

When Debbie emerged from the the changing room, (ok, it's a video game, they really didn't need changing rooms, but you understand it's a metaphor) she looked hot, as she always does. My wife came out a few minutes later, wearing an outfit so hot I thought it might scorch the sand. "It's not to skimpy is it?" she asked with a smile.

Here's a picture of my wife in her bikini, I'll post some of the two of them here tomorrow. Am I the luckiest virtual man alive, or what?