Monday, January 30, 2012

Standing Around Waiting for the Superbowl

I snapped this series of three pictures while my wife was standing around waiting for her friends to show up for the photo shoot. I am always astounded by how talented she is- she made all the clothes and jewelry you see her here wearing!

In case you're new or are just catching up on your reading, all week long I will be posting pictures of my wife and her friends in the New England Patriots gear that my wife made for her Second Life Avatar in support of "my team" making it to the Superbowl. I know that many readers might be Giants fans, and this isn't intended as any sort of slight, but rather a celebration of how awesome my SL wife is (she's not even American so this is definitely not her team). All throughout the week I'll be posting pictures and videos from the photoshoots here and on my other blog, go take a look!

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